DANE TATE ( home )

Dane at his Adobe Premiere editor at ETN, old location.

For some time now I have been back in Enid, working for Enid Television Network. It is the modern version of PEGASYS, where I first worked in Enid, but fully owned and operated by the City of Enid. So our focus is on producing content for the community rather than facilitating community producers.

We have two YouTube channels: City of Enid, which is specifically city government programming, and Enid Television Network, which is more of our community-oriented programming, although it is stuff that we the staff produce in house.

So anyway, there's that. And there's some other stuff on here as well.

Trash Talk is a show I did early in 2017 for the Solid Waste Department. It is one of many instructional videos that we do to help citizens understand various things that they may encounter in dealing with the city.

In September, 2017, Trash Talk won the Award of Excellence by the 3CMA in the category of Education/Training Videos.

My work includes most of the Instructional videos, various pet promos like Charlet and Russell, ETN Community Spotlight, and various other things such as Bobbie Holliday. That last one is an except from a longer program.

XQP continues to build fine 500-series pro audio equipment.