2 Corinthians 4:18

Recorded at Number 20, Enid, OK 2010

Dane: guitars, bass, keyboards, drum loops, vocals

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Garden Wall

well over six feet tall
he could see her over the wall
people walking down the street
figured he was out to meet her
down the alley he walked
watching for a chance
just to have a second glance

chorus 1:
coming around
they were only strangers and then
he was coming around

just short of five foot two
overlooked for all she knew
folks around her garden patch
figured she was bound to catch him
in the garden she worked
watching him go by
from the corner of her eye

chorus 1

when the summer days began to wane
someone saw them on the metro train
she held a flower in her hand
in his expression it was plain
he was making ground
she was coming around

chorus 2:
coming around
they were only strangers and then
they were coming around

Dane Tate
7/14/06 - 12/3/10