The stories on this page are entirely true with only about 73% exaggeration, 69% poetic license, and 13.7% outright falsehood.

Lee Tate at the alma mater. This wily fellow is featured in several stories.

Uncle Doyle Has to Explain
Dear AJ (The Big Form and the Little Form)
Suburban Mountaineer
The Weakest Link
Violence Inherent in the System
Ridiculous Calzones
Sparkling Ice
Dogs Are Not at All Like Cats
Flaps and Slats
Monster Outside the Window
Night of the Living Organ Donors
Water Gun Readiness
Make Sure You Are In Record
The Acquisition of Herbert
Meeting Heather
Proclamation of Essential Sound System Understandingness
Demas Tootle and the Combined Drum Brake and Lawn Mower Debacle
The Deadly Drink of Tea
Cold Day Hot Day
Speaker Building Weekend
The Arctic Apple Pie Adventure
Aggressive Lotion Girl
Steps In The Back
Wild Night In Smackover
Trip to Bartlesville, Part 1 - Tent of Horror
Trip to Bartlesville, Part 2 - Stiff-Necked Generation
Trip to Bartlesville, Part 3 - Remaining Highlights
Day of Skipping Stones
Items On Cars
The Garion Fuller Incident
James Weger's Oak Axe Handle
The Colossians 2:21 Cake
Message To The Nieces
The Great Green Persimmon Debacle
How To Scare Children
Yet More Treachery
The MD-70
Alan's Taco Surprise
The Puffy Taco Adventure
A Tale of Two Enchiladas
A Farewell To Alarms
The Story of the Civic Wagon