Recorded in Perry, OK

Dane: guitars, bass, drum loops, vocals


We All Know the Way

verse one in which our hero goes
to town and thus among all those
who also go to town when they have want
he finds himself before a sign
which recommends the reader dine
within the walls of stated restaurant
and now the waning sun
descends upon verse one

we all know the way
the way that we want to know
we all find a way
to get where we want to go

verse two in which our hero meets
a fellow soul within the streets
who lives upon the mercies of the crowd
in reaching for a dollar bill
the hand can cultivate or kill
can cause a storm or blow away a cloud
to reason is to do
as we conclude verse two


around the town and around the city we go
around the world and everywhere in the universe
faces of people below


Dane Tate
© 2015 Dane Tate